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Software Engineering

Utilizing a structured and repeatable Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process framework – DevSecOps – Agile Methodology, for Life Cycle Software Engineering and Post-Production Software Support and Post-Deployment Software support, we have demonstrated our proficiency in applying our SDLC approach successfully for DoD Software Engineering customers on key programs. Our standard SDLC employs a structured engineering approach that is based upon industry systems engineering standard, compliant with SEI CMMI guidelines, component-based, and exercises a building block evolution and refinement approach.

Test Services:

We utilize the governments Software Engineering Environment (SE2) for software development and testing.  Nexagen employs and adheres to the Agile SCRUM framework and incorporated testing activities into the agile cycle.   Systems and Software tests include Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Preliminary Qualification Tests, Formal Qualification Tests, 508 Compliance, Interoperability Testing, Performance testing, User Acceptance Testing, Fuzz Testing,  STIGS and IAVA compliance's, Software Assurance, and other integration and testing required to ensure the developed software is suitable for its intended purpose.  Tools use for automation are: Selenium, Junit, soapUI,  Customized test procedures using Python, Csharp, and C++. 


SDLC Documentations Support:


  • System Software System Requirement Documenting

  • Operational Requirement Documentation

  • System/Software Architecture Specifications

  • System/Software Design Documentation (SDD)

  • System/Software Requirement documentation (SRD)

  • System/Software Interoperability Document (SID)

  • System/Software Test Documentation (Test Plan, Procedures, Reports)

  • Cyber Specification (Architecture, Design, Requirement)

  • RMF A&A Package

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