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Life Cycle Logistics

Providing life cycle logistics planning and analysis, technical documentation, reliability and maintainability analyses, field logistics, test and evaluation, and preparation of Technical Manuals (TMs), Technical Bulletins (TBs), Field Manuals (FMs), Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTLs), New Materiel Introductory Briefings (NMIBs), Materiel Requirements Lists (MRLs), and Maintenance Allocation Charts (MACs). We develop LCSPs, Test and Evaluation Plans, Supportability Strategies, Materiel Fielding Plans, Warranty Bulletins, Technical Documentation, and Logistics Database development among others. Our approach maximizes the Materiel and Operational Availability, Reliability; minimizes the Cost of Ownership; economizes the Supply Chain and Footprint; establishes Manpower and Training needs and data; and enables us to monitor and assess key metrics and user feedback throughout the Life Cycle for improvement opportunities.

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