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Enterprise Data Analytics

Enterprise Data Analytics Support:

Using Oracle, SQL Server, Dominos, and Hadoop and other proprietary and open-source tools to build and enhance Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities.

We design, build, and deploy both simple and large-scale complex solutions utilizing a variety of industry standard data modeling, ETL, reporting and analytic tools to enhance visibility, develop structured and unstructured data platforms for data access.

Database Development and Administration Support:

  • Currently we provide Data Management support on CECOM SEC FDM program. We support all agency DEAOs, SLCs, Supervisors, 450 Certifiers, POCs and Filers FDM Databases are currently using SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Management Studio, VMWare Horizon Client, Windows 2012 Server. 

  • Provide Domino Database Development and Support to NWDC CIO.  Our duties include

 a) Monitoring IBM Domino/IBM Lotus Notes system logs, disk utilization, system health, and operational status of NWDC’s CAS/ NLL hosted on a Windows 2012 Server, which is physically at the Network Operations Center (NOC) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

b) Daily tasks of ensuring program agents executed jobs correctly and ensuring data has replicated from the NWDC CAS/ NLL Server to the global USN CAS/NLL Servers.

c) Daily tasks of ensuring that NWDC CAS/ NLL website is accessible and populated with newly updated data.

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