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Nexagen staff members hold 20 plus years of Cyberspace Operation support from requirement definition to architecture, design, development, testing, Assessment and Authorization, and Continuous Monitoring IAW NIST 800 Series, CNSSI 1253, ICD 503.  We understand and have experienced evolving Defensive and Offensive Cyber Operations technologies addressing emerging threats.  We understand criticality of Continuous Monitoring Processes IAW NIST and hold expertise executing validation and assessment efforts include Cyber Table Top (CTT) Exercise, Assessment and Authorization (A&A) and continuous monitoring/assessment  IAW Risk Management Framework (RMF), FedRAMP A&A for Cloud Security Assessment, Software Assurance (SWA), Malicious Code Detection and Mitigation following  Government regulations and standards, and Best Business Practices. We have been providing Cyber Security support over the entire system lifecycle, from design & development, through integration & testing, to A&A, operations, and Disposition, both as an Security Control Assessor – Validator (SCA-V), as well as a Self-Assessor.

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