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Logistics Readiness Center (LRC)

Software Engineering Center (SEC)

Software Engineering, PDSS/PPSS Support, Cybersecurity, Information Assurance,  Network Engineering, Forensics, Cyberwatch, Table Top Exercise, Continuous Monitoring support to:​

  • Financial Disclosure Management  (FDM) System​

  • Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT) – Operation Center (OC)​

  • Mission Command Control Segment (MCCS)​

  • Operational Intelligence Ground Station (OGS)​

  • Ground Airborne Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (AISR)​

  • Communications – Joint On-Demand Interoperability Networks COMM-JN)​

  • Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS)​

  • Army Key Management  Systems (AKMS)​

  • Combat Survivor Evader Locator  (CSEL) 

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