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Prime Contract:
GSA Schedule 70 Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)
Contract Number:



Nexagen was awarded a Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN for all five cybersecurity sub-categories as well as for IT Professional Services.

  • SIN 132-45 / 54151HACS:  Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN for all five cybersecurity sub-categories, as stated below, to support various Federal Agencies:

    1. High Value Asset (HVA Assessments)

    2. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment,

      1. Security Architecture Review (SAR), and

      2. Systems Security Engineering (SSE) Services.

    3. Penetration Testing

    4. Incident Response

    5. Cyber Hunt

  • SIN 132 51: IT Professional Services and/or labor categories for database planning and design; systems analysis, integration, and design; programming, conversion and implementation support; network services, data/records management, and testing.

Our Experience

As a Systems and Software Integrator, we are providing lifecycle professional services to the Army, Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, and SPAWAR to the C5ISR, Cyber, Avionics, and logistics backed by over 20+ years of exceptional technical past performance. 

Our capabilities and past performance:

  • Network Transport / NETOPS

  • C5ISR Prototype and Integration Capability

  • Software and Systems Engineering Services

  • Cybersecurity / Risk Management Framework

  • Software / Web Development / Database /Analytics

  • Logistics Sustainment, Maintenance and Repair

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