• Nexagen

SPAWAR System Center (SSC) Pacific Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Support

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

As a Prime, Nexagen provided Cybersecurity/RMF services to SSC Pacific customer (DHS, USCG, Navy, Army, NSA). Under this contract, we have been awarded ten task orders to provide full life-cycle A&A/C&A services complying with DoDI 8510.01 (DoD RMF), DoDI 8500.01 (DoD Cybersecurity), NIST 800 Series, DoDI 8500.02, DoDI 8510.01(DIACAP), DoDD 8115.02, CNSSI 1253. Our duties included the following:

  • Conducted Security Test and Evaluation on various USCG and NAVY Platforms, ex: Fast Response Cutter (FRC) 14/15, USCG National Security Cutter (NSC), USCG minotaur, Munroe, CG-SAIL, CPA NSC, CG Declass

  • Provided SCA-V support on National Museum of Health and Medical Local Area Networks (NMHM LAN)

  • Provided Cybersecurity support to DHS FMSII project.

  • Provided Cybersecurity support on Navy Data Center Infrastructure Cyber Support, SSC Pacific Navy Data Center Infrastructure (SNDCI)

  • Provided self-assessor support on Navy Data Environment (NDE) 3.0 suites of application software for ATO decision.

  • Assisted SSC Pacific to develop and maintain inhouse developed Windows and Unix vulnerability scanning tools called Designated Windows Architecture Risk Framework (DWARF) for Windows and Automated Capture Toolset (ROSE) for Unix/Linux.

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