Prime Contracts

Sub-Contracts and Teaming Partner on

Set-Aside Strategy

  • SBA Sole Source Set-Aside for 8A Certified Companies
    • $4.0 M for Services
    • $6.5 M for Services, Software and Hardware
    • Renewable option has potential to double Ceiling Value

Benefits and Advantages

  • Streamline Acquisition process - No J&A, RFP, Source Selection, Debriefings, etc.
  • Select Qualified Contractor of Choice
  • Meet Organization Small Business Goals
  • Expedited Negotiations and Award Process

Contracting Process

  • Statement of Work - Requirements Definition
  • Contracting Officer (CO) sends offer letter to local Small Business Office
  • SBA Sends Acceptance Letter
  • CO issues RFP to Nexagen Networks
  • Nexagen Submits Proposal to CO
  • Negotiate Final Terms with Nexagen
  • CO Awards Contract to Nexagen Networks
  • Nexagen Networks Signs Contract
  • CO Signs Contract

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